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Italy is popularly known as home to Rome and the Vatican, and the epicenter of art and culture in Europe. However, Italy also boasts a large and beautiful Mediterranean coastline along which you can find some of the most stunning coastal cities. These coastal cities draw tourists from around the world, and as such it’s a hotspot for some great beach hotels and resorts. In this article we’ve taken the liberty to gather together a list of the top 15 beach hotels in Italy. If you’re going for a coastal vacation, you ought to be doing so in pure luxury.

# 1

Resort Le Dune & Spa

Resort Le Dune & Spa is located just an hour away from Cagliari, which is Sardinia’s southern airport. It’s on the south west of Forte Village, surrounded by lovely gardens and dense foliage. While it isn’t located right on the beach, it’s a short walk away. The resort stretches out along 116 acres of land, and it has been designed as a tiny microcosm of Sardinia itself, and as such it has all you could possibly need in a town, thus removing any necessity for you to leave its confines while you’re at the resort. The walkways in the resort are lined by mediterranean plants, and one can constantly hear the screeching of plants as they fly past. Even though the villas in the resort are placed close together, they’re still quite private thanks to the dense foliage and bushes between them. The service in the resort is also impeccable and the staff members often go out of their way to fulfill your requests. Some of the best facilities in the resort include a tennis court, cricket pitch, football field, swimming pool, rugby field, boxing court, amongst many other sports. They also have a gymnasium on site, and if you’d like they can arrange a trip to the closest diving center or golf course. If you’d like to enjoy the nightlife, you don’t really even have to go out, you can simply enjoy their resort boutique and discotheque. Furthermore, there are over 21 restaurants available in the premises of the resort, many of which regularly host celebrities.

# 2

Villa Treville

Villa Treville is a stunning beach hotel along the Amalfi Coast. It looks out at the Tyrrhenian Sea with its uproarious waves and limestone cliffs, and the coast is dotted with some of the most charming white cottages. The entire scenery remains dappled in sunshine, and as such it’s truly a slice of Italian heaven. The quaint fishing village that the resort is set on was first discovered by Franco Zeffirelli, a famous Italian Opera conductor, when he was young. The drawing rooms of the 15 villas are resplendent in white and they feature gilded mirrors on all sides. The rooms come equipped with binoculars and humidors, and the reception area features beautiful 18th-century Caltagirone pottery placed above the fireplace. The hotel may be luxurious but it maintains an organic and wholesome charm. All of the vegetables prepared in the hotel are harvested in their own gardens, and all the seafood comes from the hotel’s personal fisherman. Villa Treville may be a luxury hotel, however it doesn’t come with all the amenities that franchises generally come with. It doesn’t have a gym, and the hotel pool isn’t very large or luxurious. However, its charm doesn’t derive from amenities but from the general aesthetic and vibe. The suites are all named after the famous personalities who have resided there at one point of time or another. However, the most stunning feature of the hotel is definitely its high location on an outcrop, several hundred feet above all other such hotels and resorts.

# 3

Hotel Stella Maris Villasimius

Hotel Stella Maris is located just 2 miles from Villasimius, and it’s very conveniently located just a short 5 minute drive from convenience stores, local shops, and bars. The hotel itself is surrounded by well maintained and sculpted gardens overlooking a charming beach. The hotel also features a large two-tiered swimming pool which looks out into the sunset and the sparkling blue waters of Campulongu Bay. The palm trees and bougainvillea around the gardens often feature hidden parasols for you to relax and escape into. The general aesthetic of the hotel and the guest rooms are decidedly Sardinian, however the hotel bears a lot of international influence as well. It also has an American bar, and a grand piano bar that enjoys a panoramic view of the ocean. You can also relax in the TV and games room, or enjoy a game of tennis in their court, for which you have to pay locally. You can enjoy your meals either in the dining room, or on the sea view terrace where you can enjoy some gourmet cuisine and Sardinian dishes. The beach is also privately held and you can avail of the sun beds, parasols, or loungers and simply while away your time. However, if you avail of any of the loungers on the front row you have to pay extra for them. You can also book excursions from the front desk, or you can borrow water sports paraphernalia to go snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.

# 4

Caesar Augustus Hotel

The most stunning feature of Caesar Augustus Hotel is that it’s located on the highest peak of Capri, perched on a cliff face 300 meters above sea level. If you look closely you can see waves lapping up against the cliffside just below the hotel. However, this also places the hotel in the ideal location to get a stunning view of the the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. It’s also located within walking distance of the neighboring town named Anacapri, which features a number of restaurants, artisans, crafts shops, etc. One of the standout attractions of the neighborhood is the Villa Axel Munthe house-museum which had been built by Axel Munthe, a famous Swedish author, and it features some brilliant concerts and performances. There are 56 rooms and suites in this hotel, and they’re all spread out across two large buildings. When you visit this hotel you have to make it a point to get checked into one of the cliff side rooms with some of the most stunning views available. Even the bathrooms feature full length glass windows from which you can look out at the ocean. The general decor of the hotel is classically leaning with antiques from the 19th century and 20th century paintings. The hotel restaurant La Terrazza di Lucullo is run by Chef Eduardo Vuolo, and all the vegetables featured in the menu are home grown from the kitchen garden, and as such they’re 100% organic. Even the fish are sourced from a local fisherman.

# 5

Forte Village Resort - Hotel Castello

Hotel Castello is a 5 star luxury beach hotel. While it might not be located directly on the beach, it’s a short walk away from one of Sardinia’s most famous beaches. All the rooms and bathrooms in the hotel feature sweeping views of the surrounding seas, gardens, and the mountains against Forte Village Resort. The general decor of the hotel is extremely contemporary and modern, however they feature influences from the local Sardinian artisans and craftsmen as well. The hotel pool is always heated and it gives you a stunning view of the Mediterranean sea. If you check yourself into the Suites and Junior Suites, you also get access to your own private elevator with personalized service, and you’re placed in the 4th and 5th Executive Floors, from which you can enjoy some of the best sights that the hotel has to offer. The bathrooms feature both a rain shower and a bathtub, and some even feature whirlpools. If you check into one of the rooms with the Prestige and Prestige Plus bathrooms, you also gain access to chromotherapy. You can dine out at the Cavalieri Restaurant, or sip on cocktails at the Bandiere Bar, and in case you’re an Executive floor guest, you can also make reservations at the Belvedere and Le Dune Restaurants.

# 6

Forte Village Resort Royal Pineta

The Forte Village Resort Royal Pineta is a 5-star luxury hotel located within walking distance to the beach and overlooking a grand and beautiful courtyard. The hotel is horseshoe shaped, and it comes with double and triple rooms, and as such it’s ideal for family holidays. The bedrooms and bathrooms are all expectedly luxurious, and if you have kids with you, they can also play with the complementary Special Barbie™ and Thomas the Tank Engine™ packages. Guests of the hotel can enjoy breakfast at the Bellavista and Cavalieri Restaurants, and they can dine out at one of 5 restaurants available in the hotel. A unique feature of the hotel is the Sports Academies where you can get professionally trained in several sports.

# 7

Grand Hotel Capo Boi

The Grand Hotel Capo Boi is a 4-star beach hotel which was established in 1960. It’s conveniently located about 5kms from the center of the city of Villasimius, and it’s around the same distance from other tourist hotspots such as the Cagliari Port and the Cala Caterina Beach. There are 145 rooms in the hotel, and they are all luxurious and designed with heavy wooden accents and flooring, and most of them offer a beautiful view of the adjoining park.

# 8

Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi

Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi is perched on the cliffside of the Amalfi Coast. The most stunning feature of this hotel is that it’s designed in a manner so as to naturally merge with the texture of the limestone cliffs and seem as if it arises out of the cliffside. Where the natural cliff ends and where the hotel begins is hard to determine with terraces made of natural rock formations and surrounded with citrus groves. The interiors of the hotel have been designed in the stylings of catholic churches, with white walls, clean lines, and gold accents and beams, along with wooden furnishings. Guests can even take boat trips to surrounding towns.

# 9

Casa Angelina Lifestyle

Casa Angelina Lifestyle is located on Praiano, which used to be a quaint fishing village located between Positano and Amalfi. The hotel is located in a quiet and isolated spot that can only be reached via a series of narrow twisted roads, however it's all worth it for the exceptional views of Positano, Capri, and the Li Galli islands. The ground floor is all white and it features various paintings, sculptures, and Murano glass installations. The hotel also features two pools, one of them outdoors, and the other a hydroptherapy pool indoors.

# 10

Capo La Gala Hotel

The Capo La Gala Hotel is perched atop the cliffs along the Bay of Naples. It’s a short 4 minute walk to the closest beach, and it’s located halfway between both Pompeii and Sorrento. The entire hotel is made of limestone rock aesthetic, and it’s the ideal spot to look out at the sea, at Mount Vesuvius, and sunbathe. The spa is one of the standout features in this hotel with its collection of treatment rooms, heated pool, and services such as the hydromassage. You can dine out at the Michelin starred Gourmet Maxi Restaurant which is famous for its Mediterranean cuisines.

# 11

Hotel Porto Roca

Hotel Porto Roca is located a very short walk from the beach, and it’s a small 5 minute walk to the Monterosso centre. It looks out at the Ligurian Sea, and it’s established along a stretch of private beach land where guests can avail of the deck chairs and loungers. The rooms in the hotel are designed in a classical style, and they all come with balconies with a sea view. The in-hotel restaurant is also sea-facing and they serve a great buffet for breakfast, along with freshly-caught fish and Ligurian dishes for other meals.

# 12

Hotel Le Dune Arbus

Hotel Le Dune Arbus is located on a 2 minute walk from the stunning and solitary beach. The hotel is established on a building with a lot of historical weight, and it’s surrounded by sand dunes. The hotel consists of a series of three buildings and the main square, all of which look out at the sea. The restaurant is located on the 3rd building and it features full-length glass walls so that the view isn’t obstructed. Meals can be served either in the restaurant or they can be served on the private beach as well.

# 13

Excelsior Hotel La Fonte

Excelsior Hotel La Fonte is located a short 4 minute walk from Portonovo Beach, and it looks out at the Bay of Portonovo. The hotel is flanked by Conero Park on all sides, and it’s beautifully designed with well maintained floral gardens and a free-form swimming pool. The Excelsior restaurant also offers a sweeping view of the sea, and it’s famous for its Marche cuisine. Hotel guests can enjoy a drink on the patio as well, by the pool. The hotel also features a private park with beautiful horse-chestnut trees and fountains. In case you’re looking for some activity you can also avail of the tennis court or the football field.

# 14

Mediterranee Hotel

Mediterranee Hotel is located in Genoa and it’s just a minute away from the beach. It’s located in the Pegli area, and it’s designed in an 18th century architectural style. The Cristoforo Colombo Airport is a mere 3 km away, and as such it’s quite conveniently located. The windows in the hotel are all soundproof, and the rooms come with private balconies with a great sea view. If you’d like to go to Genoa, you can take one of the buses that frequents the area.

# 15

Principe Forte dei Marmi

Principe Forte dei Marmi is 30 minutes from the airport and an hour from Florence. It’s not really suited as a place from which to go sightseeing as it’s quite remote. However, if you just want a nice resort to relax in or a charming beach to while away your time at, then this is perfect. This is also the hotel you come to if you want to party unabashedly, as it has a world famous DJ and party scene. As such, it’s suited for younger 20-somethings who want to retreat into a paradise world where they can party all night long and take the whole day at the beach to relax and recover from the revelry.

Italy Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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